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The Orfite Solution

Orfite – Company transfers in complete peace of mind

Orfite is a leading shareholder providing a specialised solution to businesses and entrepreneurs. Our job is to ensure that the transfer of industrial assets—small and medium-sized companies—goes as smoothly as possible, whilst guaranteeing the long-term stability of each company.

Orfite has full confidence in managers and their teams and does not feel the need to micro-manage. Our investors are business managers who fully throw themselves into their collaboration with the companies being transferred, taking into full consideration that it is these companies which will go on to become key to economic growth and employment in the regions we operate in.

Orfite is independent and owned by its team. This allows us to adopt an entrepreneurial approach, helping us to better develop and sustain SMEs.


Orfite selects the SMEs of the future

All of Orfite’s operations are characterised by selectivity. Orfite chooses industrial SMEs which have excellent development potential and are influential in their regions.


Orfite constructs capital transfer projects

Orfite supports managers who wish to organise a smooth transfer of their company and, for some, to transfer it in the short, medium- or long-term to heirs or to management already in place. Orfite’s stake in the capital contributes to the stability of the given company during the transition period.


Orfite brings together entrepreneurs and investors

Orfite relies on investors who are entrepreneurs themselves. With their own enthusiasm and understanding for SMEs, they are always the first to reinvest in up-and-coming projects.


Orfite becomes the leading shareholder of the chosen SME

Orfite chooses to become the leading shareholder in the selected SME to preserve the continuity of its shareholders and guarantee long-term stability for the company. This position enables it to fully bear the responsibility for the financial set-up and ensure that debt is repaid.


Orfite provides long-term support

Orfite acts as a partner to company managers, advising them on strategic decisions throughout the collaboration. We not only provide companies with the financial support they need in the best case scenario (external growth, etc.), but we also back our companies up in the worst case scenario (difficulties).


Orfite withdraws from company capital in consensus with the manager

It is the company and its markets, as well as the management and its future objectives, which contribute to the setting of a closing date. The duration of Orfite’s investment may also be correlated with the debt repayment deadline. Ultimately, it is the effective operation of the company which is prioritised.


Entrepreneurs reinvest with Orfite

Managers who have previously been partnered with Orfite for a capital transfer often join the entrepreneurs who invest in it. They know that the shared goals of Orfite and the transferred company are the best guarantee of a positive result.

10 questions

Ten Q&As to help you better understand Orfite, accessible via the menu.

Companies, investors, equity investments: a virtuous ecosystem, focused on the success of French SMEs.


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