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Yannick Ballandras

Yannick Ballandras

Account Manager

Account Manager Yannick Ballandras comes from Lyon, is highly enthusiastic and holds firm convictions.


It was during a formative and foundational internship within the team dedicated to equity financing operations at CM-CIC Capital Finance that I decided to become an investor. I will never forget my first financial operation: providing support to the sale of a healthcare facility in the south of France. I then spent a semester in Milan with Tamburi Investment Partners, which gave me the opportunity to work with some brilliant people and discover new ways of working in an international context.

Enriched by these experiences and freshly graduated from the Audencia Business School, I then joined the IFE Mezzanine teams (Kepler Chevreux Invest); 4 interesting years, which gave me the chance to reflect on the role of finance in the economy and the entrepreneurial eco-system. Keen to get closer to directorship and its challenges, I then joined Azulis Capital where I was able to develop my strategy skills and hone my conception of shareholding.

After extensive reflection and having come a long way in my thoughts regarding the place of the shareholder in the life of an executive and of its company, I joined the Orfite teams in January 2020, certain that I had found the structure that suited me.

At Orfite, every effort is made to provide the highest level of support to the head of the company in a relationship of full and total trust. Here, temporality is different. All is built around a vision of long-term support. In sync with these values, I am therefore beyond delighted at having joined Orfite, and at the same time to be back in the city where I grew up.


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