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Patiently searching

Patiently searching

But this search requires patience and discretion: patience in the case of the ManOrga operation finalised at the end of 2019 after 10 years of joint reflection with the executives of this fine northern group; and discretion in the case of another operation concluded by Orfite in December 2019 for which the executive wishes zero media.

They are the same two guiding values that have been at the core of Orfite’s 2019 year: a particularly active year with a trio of fine operations, including Provac and ManOrga, strategic external growths brilliantly executed by SPhere, GSCM and Sodicob, the transfer to Meeschaert Capital Partners from Aterno after 20 years of shared life.

The year has therefore been particularly packed for our employees. The recent expansion of our premises is a reflection of how well our activities have developed, and an experienced business manager, Yannick Ballandras, joined our teams a few weeks ago.

All of this progress is testament to the vitality of our activity and the relevance of the Orfite model. But far from resting on our laurels, we are attacking 2020 full of vigour, seeking new treasures to uncover. To be continued…

Direct marketing is at the heart of the Orfite model. Only direct marketing can uncover those treasures hidden in the “valley floors”, and then jointly build a project with the executive while evading the human and financial pressures often generated by the business environment when the topic of a transfer first arises.


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