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GSCM acquieres CNSE

GSCM acquieres CNSE

Modular construction, a market in full expansion 

The modular market is enjoying growing success, offering many opportunities in the construction sector. Thanks to its revolutionary construction process and its many benefits, it seduces more and more clients in the construction, administration, services and social sectors. Having recorded a 5% growth in 2018 taking it to approximately 900 million euros, this market is expected to grow by 4% per year between now and 2022.*

With over 8,300 units manufactured each year, the GSCM (Groupe Solfab Constructions Modulaires) group is France’s second largest player in modular construction.

Forming alliances to generate growth

In July 2018, Orfite finalised the Group’s capital recomposition, thus becoming the reference shareholder alongside long-standing shareholders. Objective: to complete a new step in the development of the country’s second modular construction manufacturer.

A year and a half later, in November 2019, GSCM took on a new dimension by acquiring CNSE, the French leader in the construction of mobile shelters for building sites, and of decontamination mobile units and sanitary solutions for the event industry. By integrating this unit with a 2-digit growth, the Group now achieves close to € 70 million in turnover, thereby consolidating its place as first point of contact for rental companies, resellers and service providers. This also consolidates the temporary solution offer already available within the Group by adding the mobile solutions designed and developed by CNSE. Its factory, located in Taponas, to the north of Lyon, adds itself to the 4 pre-existing GSCM sites via its commercial brands BODARD, SOLFAB and DECORTES.

This acquisition is fully aligned with Orfite’s values: a well thought out industrial merger to support reasoned growth beneficial to all.

*Source: Le marché des constructions modulaires à l’horizon 2022 [The modular construction market by 2022], October 2019, Xerfi-Precepta.