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Expressions Parfumées


Trained in the olfactory art in a family company in Grasse, in 1982, Jacques Lions founded Expressions Parfumées in association with his colleague Claude Broggi. For 25 years, the small perfume industry grew across the French territory, before beginning to develop abroad.

In 2006, Jacques Lions’ closest financial adviser suggested a transfer of his capital with Orfite.


As a former high-level sportsmen (in car rallies), I appreciate competitiveness and respect for the rules of the game. These are the essential qualities that I found at Orfite.


The Orfite solution

Jacques Lions is not someone who likes to entrust the management of his business to anyone but himself. He nevertheless decided to place his trust in Orfite, which became the majority shareholder in Expressions Parfumées. Orfite undertook to support the manager without getting involved in the management of his company.

Promise kept: Jacques Lions and Claude Broggi found in Orfite a business partner of scrupulous honesty and exemplary discretion.

The Orfite experience

For five years, the working environment was clear and efficient. Reportings from Expressions Parfumées were summarised in a key performance indicator report, containing the essentials, and regularly presented to Orfite.

Jacques Lions and Claude Broggi relied on Orfite to confirm their strategic decisions: hiring, development of subsidiaries, factory enlargement. The Orfite-Jacques Lions duo organised a new recomposition of the capital, enabling several executives to take a stake.


I enjoy managing my company; I don’t have “meetingitis” – the cancer of companies – and I don’t like anyone pestering me. With Orfite, my mode of operation is fully respected!


Successful transfer

Jacques Lions values dynamism, competitiveness and respect for the rules of the game. He appreciates Orfite for the human quality of the working relationships put in place. The sound judgement and prudence of the investor in his choices, based on a fair evaluation of companies, led the manager of Expressions Parfumées himself to reinvest in Orfite.

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